Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort Review and Full Guide 2019, World’s 2nd Biggest Ski Resort in China

From 13 June 2019, Skiers and Snowboarders will get to visit the world’s 2nd largest ski resort in Guangzhou, China.

Slightly smaller than the one in Harbin, this Guangzhou indoor ski resort is around 3 times bigger than the “Ski Dubai”.

With only 1.5 Hours by car from Hong Kong, Guangzhou would probably the best option for snowsports lovers from South East Asia from April to November.

Basic Information of Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort (Guangzhou Sunac Snow World)

Location: Huadu district, Guangzhou, China

Size: 75000 sq meter, just slightly smaller than the world’s biggest indoor ski resort in Harbin

Map: Here are the maps of the Guzngzhou Indoor Ski Resort:

Ski slopes: there would be 4 ski slopes in total, suitable for sledding, first timer, beginner to intermediate. (Heard that they open a park there so probably would be fun and great for freestyle lovers). The longest run is their 460 m long beginner run. The steepest slope is 21 degrees.

Opening Hours: Weekday: 10:30 – 20:30, Weekend: 10:30 – 21:30

Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort Overview

Guangzhou Sunac Snow World is actually part of the Guangzhou Sunac Wanda Cultural Tourism City. Other than the indoor ski resort, visitors could find Water world, theme park, shopping mall, 5 – 6 stars hotel in the same area.

Take a look at the overall structure of the whole Tourism city:

Hotels Area near the Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort
Overall Structure of Guangzhou Sunac Wanda Cultural Tourism City

Yeah… I get that, “for sure they look nice in drawings…” so we took several photos for you during our last trip there!

Guangzhou Sunac Snow World t by 27 April, 2019
Playground area of the Guangzhou Sunac Snow World
Ski Slope of the Guangzhou Sunac Snow World
Outlook of GZ (Guangzhou) Sunac Snow World

Snow Quality of the GZ Indoor Ski Resort:

According to my past experience in Harbin Indoor Ski Resort, I would say the snow of this indoor ski resort, would probably be very nice. It’s not powder, but then it’s definitely not icy at all. More like riding on dry spring snow though.

You may want to take a look at this article about Harbin Indoor Ski Resort for a better picture of the Guangzhou Snow World. If you have never been to China before, I would suggest you take a look at this article for some useful tips as well.

for a better picture about the Guangzhou Snow World. If you have never been to China before, I would suggest you to take a look at this article as well.

Transportation to Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort

There are many ways to reach the Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort, I will talk about the most popular ways:

Going to the Sunac Snow World from Guangzhou:

From Guangzhou East Railway Station:

To avoid traffic, the best solution would be taking Subway from GZ East station to Huadu Square or Ma’anshan Park stations on line 9, then take a taxi to Sanac Snow World. (Takes around 75 minutes)

From Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport:

Until now, the best way would be taking a taxi to the snow world directly. (Takes around 30 minutes, 16 km)

Going to the Sunac Snow World from Hong Kong:

Best solutions would be:

  • Take a Direct Bus from different Hong Kong area to Jollies International Hotel in Huadu, then take 10 mins taxi to the indoor ski resort. (Takes around 3 hours)
  • Take High-Speed Train from West Kowloon Station and catch the 07:50 high-speed train from Shenzhen North to Guangzhou North, then take a taxi to the snow world (Total: around 1 hour 45 mins, 70 mins train + 10 mins taxi). Note that there is only 1 train from Shenzhen North to Guangzhou North! Other trains are all going to Guangzhou South and I honestly not recommend that! It takes almost like 1 Hour 30 mins to 2 Hours for you to go from Guangzhou South Station to GZ Sanac Snow World.
  • If you don’t mind paying a little more, you can also consider booking a car from Shenzhen-Hong Kong border to the Indoor ski resort directly. (around 1 hr 30 mins to 2 hours from HK-SZ border)
Hong Kong to Huadu Direct Bus Time Table with English Translation

Accommodation near Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort

There are many accommodation options near the Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort, from 6 stars hotel to small chained hotels.
Here are some options I’ve discovered:

Closest options (within 5 to 10 mins walking distance):

  • Wanda Vista Guangzhou Hotel (6 stars)
  • Guangzhou Rongchuang Jingshan Hotel (5 stars)
  • Wanda Realm Guangzhou Hotel (5 stars)
  • Just opposite to the indoor ski resort there would be some service apartment available for short term rental too

Here are some illustrations of those 3 Wanda Hotels:

I didn’t get a chance to visit these hotels yet, coz they were still building these by 27 April 2019, here are the photos I’ve taken during my stay there:

One of the 5 stars Wanda Hotel near the GZ indoor ski resort
The 6 stars Wanda Vista Hotel Outlook

For those who don’t mind taking around 10 mins taxi to the ski resort for some cheaper accommodation. You may consider staying at these 2 hotels since they are both managed by large international hotel group:

Is English Popular in Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort?

If you are looking for official English services offered by Sunac group, according to my past experience in Harbin, I would say… Not likely. Yes, you could use English in the hotel but then outside of the hotel area? Hum hum… I would say… better don’t expect those staff would speak much English though…

Instead, Arc snowsports school Guangzhou is probably your best shot over there. Originally from Niseko, Japan, Arc is very experienced in providing all-inclusive services for high-end customers and therefore they could provide you with much better service quality while charging pretty much the same as the Sunac group official services.

Here are some services they provide:

  • Transportation arrangement
  • Snow World, Water World, Theme Park tickets booking
  • English, Dutch, Cantonese, Chinese speaking ski/ snowboard school
  • Dining arrangement (Restaurant recommendation and booking)
  • Massage/ SPA booking
  • Sightseeing arrangement

At the end of the day, you would enjoy a way better experience if you could find a local to arrange everything for you. If you want to know more information about Guangzhou indoor ski resort in English, you could just send them a whats app message at +852 9449 9919.


I would consider the Guangzhou Indoor Ski Resort a really great place for beginners to learn skiing and snowboarding there. Plus now you can find at least one reliable English speaking ski school there!
For those who wish to sharpen their riding or freestyle skills, this is probably your best option from April to November too.
It’s just really exciting for such a large scale indoor ski resort to be built in the South East Asia area. (I know some of you may consider this as a waste of energy) but hey, it’s part of the Chinese government policy for supporting the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. So… just enjoy it!

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